Busby SEO Challenge Life. This is my fourth time to participate in a SEO Challenge. The first one was the Paradise Philippines of the BayanihanSEO contest conducted by SEO Philippines. That was the first time I have join a SEO Challenge and I did not even reach page one for the said SEO contest. I actually did not continue participating the said SEO challenge on the 2nd league. The next contest that I participated was the mini-SEO Contest by Pinoy Money Talk where I successfully won. It’s just luck that made me won the said contest. The third contest was a secret contest so I can’t reveal the details but what can I say with this is that I almost got the highest prize but unluckily as the Google dance I was not its partner on the last music so I lost.

Now, this latest SEO challenge where the keyword will be “busby seo challenge” is the biggest SEO challenge I’ve ever join. What will be my strategy to make it at least to page one? Well, I will still use the same technique I have done on my previous PMT contest strategies plus the new techniques I’ve learned. Busby SEO Challenge here I come, I will try to reach you as far as page one even it is almost impossible, I will not stop from trying to make the Busby SEO Challenge a real challenge for every SEO participants.

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