I visited Matt Cutts’ blog and found the slide below containing his lectures during his “talk” on WordCamp in San Francisco (WordCamp San Francisco is a conference last May 30, 2009 organized by WordPress creators for users and developers.). The said slide presentation by Matt Cutts contains some important points involving the new algorithm that I think that is important for search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners and specialists to consider in dealing with their websites. It also shows relevance and importance of WordPress to Google’s indexing, ranking and crawling activities over the web. As according to Matt Cutts, WordPress takes care of the 80%-90% of the mechanics of SEO.

Here’s the slide that I am talking about.  According to Matt Cutts, there’s a video equivalent of this presentation later:

To summarize the idea, here’s what I think that you need to do with regards to smooth blogging, the platform WordPress and SEO:

  1. Install necessary plug-ins such as Akismet (for anti-spam), Super Cache (for fast load of pages with less server request) and All-In-One SEO (which is not mentioned on the slide but I think it will be very good with the blog’s campaign)
  2. Update WordPress whenever there’s an update. Latest version has this automatic upgrade that lets you conveniently update your blog to the current WP release.
  3. Set the permalink / URL structure.
  4. Utilize relevant keywords into post.
  5. Tweak the titles of the post. Be very descriptive but do not overdo it.
  6. Update your blog regularly.
  7. Gain a reputation. Find a niche that you’ll be known or will be your specialty.
  8. Utilize multimedia on posts such as video, images and presentations.
  9. Use Google and other search engine tools such as Google Webmaster, Analytics and Feedburner.
  10. Avoid scam, shortcuts and paid posts
  11. Be concern of the website security. Update.

I recommend that you view the slideshow, I might have missed something.

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Karl Foxley
14 years ago

Thanks for sharing this presentation, somehow I missed this on Matt Cutts’ blog (was it posted on there?) and it has given me an idea for an article about using WordPress as a CMS.

I’ve raved about WordPress being a great CMS and SEO friendly resource for a long time now and this further supports my claim.

You are right about the plugins you’ve recommended, you can’t live with Akismet and All In One SEO.


14 years ago

OHH Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. I like this.

14 years ago

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