W32/Sality Virus – Unhiding the Folders

I am really annoyed with this virus that infects my USB stick and a friend’s PC. It embeds itself to the .EXEcutable files of the infected system. I am referring to a worm / virus called W32/Sality Virus (as per detected by AVAST). I actually prevented it to create autorun.inf file on my external drive […]

Protection Against Violent Websites

Study shows today that there’s a direct relation with the violent behavior of young people and the surfing to violent websites. According to Dr. Michele L. Ybarra of Internet Solutions for Kids in Santa Ana, California and her colleagues report, their findings add to the growing evidence that violence in the media is related to […]

Computer Crime, Can We Do Something About It?

Computer Crimes and the Law For the past decades, computers are really very useful in different aspect of our life. Almost everything right now are all computer based. Along with this improvement and convenience brought by computers to our lives are some hi-tech problems too. I am talking about “computer crimes” that is really started […]

Malware that Hijacks Google & Adsense

Today I’ve checked my blog on Blogger at school and kind of annoyed on the slow loading of the website. I thought the problem was with the PLDT DSL connection again but when I see a different image on the Google Adsense, I suspected that there’s a virus or malware on the PC that I’m […]