Migrating/Transferring Data from Foxpro to MySQL

Ever since the “death” of Visual Foxpro, I changed my primary programming language to much livelier and used offline and online by a lot of people. I shift to PHP, VB.Net and then later will go through Phyton (next year). As part of my transfer to other language, my problem that I encountered was transferring […]

Tips for Better Landing Page Designs

Here’s a video from a webinar that featured Tim Ash discussing about “the 7 sins of landing page design.” I first found this from SEO.ph forum shared by user: PBO and want it to share it here too. I’ve listed below the summary of the topics that was discussed on the video. Sin #1:Unclear Call-to-Action […]

How to Open MS Word 2007 File (.DOCX) without Office 2007

With the introduction of the newest document format of Microsoft Word on its new version starting from Word 2007 (& the coming soon 2010 version), problems occur for those who received this format specially those who still used the old version of the application. The default format of Word 2007 whenever you save a new […]

Optimize Windows Vista Performance with Utilities

Windows Vista is the latest operating system from Microsoft. If you still got the XP version, the tips on this post are still applicable. As we are always online and download several files from the net and install and uninstall it on our system, it sometimes make the system to have a slow performance because […]

Warning Against New Breed of Email Spammers

Recently, I’ve been receiving several email spams and it is different from the usual spam that I usually received. I usually get an email containing a description of winning a certain contest or raffle where I didn’t register nor participate. Right now, its quite different from the other spams. Usually mail programs and web mail […]