Where Does Your Traffic Come From?

Do you know where does your website traffic come from? Well, if not then you should find a way to know it. You can use the following websites / online tools to see how your visitors find your site and the origins of the traffic: AwStats or Webalizer. It is usually provided by your hosting […]

Making Your Blog to Load Fast

Its really annoying if you visit a site then it really loads slow. What if you own that site well of course you don’t want your readers / visitors to ‘suffer’ this way. Do you know that search engine might consider the load speed later to be part of their ranking factor? (read: New Google Ranking […]

Customize Your 404 Page for Better User Experience

There are some cases that visitors or even you misspelled URLs from your site when they try to visit a specific page on your website. Sometimes they use from other site that point to non-existing page or posts from your blogs or website. This happens when you delete a page or rename the permalink or […]

PLDT DSL Connection Problems and Fix

Updated (January 19, 2011): Recently, I changed my internet connection to PLDT DSL in our province from Smart Bro. I really find it fast compared to the wireless connection but I also experienced a certain problem from DSL which I don’t know if it is just a coincident or what. I always lost my connection […]

Most Effective “Anti-Virus” For You

There’s a lot of anti-virus software in the market today but still a lot of people are victimized by these programming codes that gone rogue into the cyberspace and annoying a lot of people in the world. Conficker is on the top list of the most prevalent virus in the world and the Taterf that […]