Search Engines Read Text from Images?

In web design, images plays a vital role in making a stunning appearance of a site. However, in the SEO’s point of view a site that is full images is not good for the “crawlability” and ranking of the site in search engines. It is simply because the spiders (refers to the BOT / program […]

Earning Online with SEO/SEM

About several years ago, SEO or search engine optimization was introduced to me and started to research about it. I have learned the said “internet craft” after a couple of months of conducting experiments and information gathering about the topic. At first, SEO was a “game” for me but later realize that it is more […]

Removal and Prevention of Infections is a website is listed to be suspicious and contains several exploit scripts and trojans that might harm and infect computers. Google marked it as not safe for browsing. I first encountered on a website that I am working on and seen how and where it infects the website. What the trojan did on […]

Basic SEO Tips for Web Designers

SEO or search engine optimization can start on the design phase of the website. Usually some web designers neglect these basic issues involving relationship of SEO and the structure of the site. The following are the basic SEO tips intended for web designers who want to provide a SEO-friendly website and those who wants to […]

Canonical Link Element: Duplicate Contents Solution?

Duplicate contents, one of the issue of a website that usually committed by  designers, developers and owners. This usually causes some sites not to be indexed properly by the leading search engines. This is sometimes cause of improper use of www and non-www version of the site. This kind of duplication is usually called as […]