Philippines Blood Registry is a website that provides a free info service for those who will donate blood in the Philippines. The website is an online portal for both donors and persons who seek for fresh blood to use for their loved ones/patients. Usually if we are involved in serious situations (like accidents, emergency conditions) that requires immediate free blood donors, people typically make a series of calls and text messages to local friends and acquaintances to try and locate appropriate blood donors. If they succeed with their search through this method they may immediately save the life of their loved ones. But if not the patient may die needlessly. This is where the website can help you quickly find the blood donor you are looking for.

This web-based national Philippines Blood Registry can help everyone to find blood donors quickly with a simple computer mouse click. Visit the website at and sign-up today as a future blood-donor. It takes 2 minutes. You might save a life. The more individuals who register to donate blood when there is a future need – the greater the possibility of providing a match when a future need arises.

This feature of Philippines Blood Registry is a FREE service for both providers and for those who needed fresh blood donors quickly. If you want to donate your blood and help other people or you want to query for data on where to find potential blood donors, just visit the site then sign-up to become a future blood donor. Support this cause and web technology. It is first in the Philippines – and it’s for the better future of Filipinos. P.S. If you know someone in the medical field – hospitals – clinics and so forth – point them to the Blood Registry.

Hope to see you on the website and God bless everyone!

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