P5,000+ Mini-SEO Contest from Capiz

[ Click here for the final result. (REGISTRATION Closed, Commenting will be disabled. Thank you!) That’s right I and Kyubz.com with the cooperation of Philippines Blood Registry will be conducting a mini-SEO contest for bloggers. Anyone can join this competition (from Noob to Experts). Have fun and prove your SEO prowess. Learn, lead and win […]

I won Cebu Seo Contest!

Yes, SUCCESS! I won the Cebu Seo Contest by PHBlogger.net! That was a long search engine optimization fight and Capiz rocks the contest. The runner-up was from Capiz too (James Baldonaza). This shows how we, here in Capiz are very interested in learning the SEO craft by heart and mind. The said contest is satisfying […]

Yes! I won the iPod Touch

Oh yes! I won an iPod Touch from Busby Web Solutions for the category of “Most Invited Friends”. I participate the Busby Seo Challenge and try to optimize my blog for the said key phrase but I can’t win so during my idle time I keep on inviting my search engine optimizer friends. Some did […]

Busby SEO Challenge Supporters

There is a saying that “two brains are better than one” and “together we stand and divided we fall”. Quotes that shows how important it is to do something in group or in team. SEO or search engine optimization is a tasks that involves a lot of time and effort to perform. An individual joining […]

2nd Monthsarry

Awoo, awoo… It’s bleuken.com’s 2nd month on cyberspace and I’m celebrating it right now by drinking a cup of coffee and eating my favorite snack, TLC Burger (Tender Loving Care Hamburger). The domain is exactly two months old right now and it already gain a lot of Entrecards and unique visitors. The word “a lot” […]