No More 403/501/500 Error When Traffic Spikes

I really love my new hosting! For the 2nd time around, it handles the spike in traffic that happens to my site during the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey. I am currently using BLUEHOST. There’s no problem when the traffic kicks and come to think of it, I am hosting two sites that […]

How To Prevent Hacking? Surviving It!

Recently a lot of websites are reported being attacked by several hackers from different part of the world. Even the government websites are said to be hacked (which I honestly doubt it and personally in my opinion, I believe that its an inside job, someone gave the access 🙂 ). Now the possibilities that your […]

Chromium OS Project Announced

About a half year ago, Google announced its new operating system project called Chrome OS. Today, prior to the release of this new operating system to netbook users, they’ve released an open source OS code named Chromium OS. It is a project that “aims to provide fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people […]

Optimize Windows Vista Performance with Utilities

Windows Vista is the latest operating system from Microsoft. If you still got the XP version, the tips on this post are still applicable. As we are always online and download several files from the net and install and uninstall it on our system, it sometimes make the system to have a slow performance because […]