Warning Against New Breed of Email Spammers

Recently, I’ve been receiving several email spams and it is different from the usual spam that I usually received. I usually get an email containing a description of winning a certain contest or raffle where I didn’t register nor participate. Right now, its quite different from the other spams. Usually mail programs and web mail […]

Update Your Browser

Are you still using the old versions of browser like the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or lower? Try updating your site now to the latest version of IE6 for better security and surfing experience. I am making this post because I found out yesterday when I check on my site in Iloilo  in an internet […]

I Am Into Chrome Lately

Lately, I’ve been using Google Chrome a lot compared to the usual browser that I use which is the Mozilla Firefox. Its because I always suffer slow down and sudden freezing of my PC whenever I open Firefox. My time is so valuable that I just can’t wait for the Firefox to load. I don’t […]

Google Still Tops Nielsen Charts

Nielsen company is an independent organization that delivers comprehensive, independent measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior. They have just released the top 10 US web brands (home and work audiences) for the month of June 2009 and from their data, Google still tops their […]

Social Weehz: A New Dofollow Social Bookmarking Site

Social Bookmarking sites are web sites that allow users (SEO or non-SEO practitioners) to save, organize, search and manage bookmarks of web pages on the internet. This bookmarks can be shared or recommended, from different articles to even images and videos. Popular social bookmarking sites today are the Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Mixx, Propeller, Pligg, StumbleUpon […]