Protection Against Violent Websites

Study shows today that there’s a direct relation with the violent behavior of young people and the surfing to violent websites. According to Dr. Michele L. Ybarra of Internet Solutions for Kids in Santa Ana, California and her colleagues report, their findings add to the growing evidence that violence in the media is related to […]

IE8 Explored

I really like Mozilla Firefox compared to Internet Explorer as my browser. I find it fast and reliable. But when I checked on the STATPRESS of this blog, I found out that the top users who visited my site uses IE7 and IE6 as their browsers and Firefox 3 and 2 falls only on the […]

Web Users: More Social than Adult Sites

Social Networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, HI5, Okurt, Myspace and other social networking sites are more popular over the internet today based on the search trends from Google. You will see below the a graph of the searches made in the whole world for the said keyword. You will see how this social networking sites […]

Google Browser Released Today

Oh my, Google will be releasing this September 2 U.S. time their very own open-source browser. They named it as Google Chrome. As the official blog of Google entitled: Fresh Take on Browser announced which I actually first read from Nihar’s Post:, this new browser from Google will be designed as faster and robust […]